Why Writing is Important for Professionals in Any Field

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Learn how writing skills are not only necessary for every industry, but also how it can transform your business. Originally posted on LinkedIn.com on April 6, 2023 by Author LaQuita Middleton.

LaQuita Middleton


By LaQuita Middleton


Writing is an important skill that is required in almost all industries. Regardless of the industry you are in, writing is a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals; the goals of the company you work for, or the company you own. In this newsletter, we explore 10 reasons why writing is important for professionals in any field.


One of the most important benefits of writing is that it helps improve your communication skills. Writing requires you to think critically about what you want to convey and how to convey it. This process of thinking and planning can help you become a better communicator, both in writing and speaking. By improving your writing skills, you can better express and communicate your ideas to others. In addition, writing can help you become a more effective communicator. 


Another benefit of writing is that it can help increase your creativity. Writing requires you to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas. Writing can also help you become more creative in other areas of your life. Overall, writing can help you tap into your creativity and become an imaginative person. Writing requires professionals to not only think critically about the information presented, but use that newly learned information in ways that will benefit the company. It is my recommendation for you to work diligently to use writing to improve your critical thinking. Doing so will allow you to become a more valuable asset to your organization. 


Writing often requires research to support ideas. This research, if done thoroughly, will propel your company as experts in the field, which will yield increases in annual revenue and clientele. Just think about it. Would you rather listen to someone drag on and on about their opinions without the research to back their claims? NO! Who does? What most consumers will appreciate is a company that takes the time to research their claims and present their findings to the public. It builds public trust and respect. If YOU are the person to provide this service to your company, you will be a valuable asset!


Writing also requires skills in discipline and time management. Improving your time management skills through writing allows you to become a more productive and efficient professional. When you know how to manage your time well, you are more productive and efficient, which saves the company lots of money. Consider the following example: 


Bob’s supervisor, Sherry, tells him that he needs to add credible research to his presentation before delivering it to a prospective client. Bob has already spent 8 hours on it over the course of 3 days. Now, his supervisor is telling him to go back and include credible research to it. He is lost! He does not know where to start. So, a job that could have taken 2-3 hours has now taken him well over 8 hours - and away from his other required tasks. Bob is costing the company money! He is a liability!

Do not be Bob!


Have you ever considered writing as a source of confidence? Yes, it is! Sure, you know what you want to say in your mind, but how does it read to others when written on paper? Once you master this, you will be a more confident presenter, which will come in handy when one of your colleagues cannot attend a presentation they are asked to lead. Would your confidence be celebrated or be viewed as a stumbling block?


Improving your writing skills through targeted practice and feedback will help you develop into a more confident professional. It helps build confidence, which is an asset to any employer or entrepreneur. 


Now, let us talk about marketing! 


Improving your marketing skills through writing will not only help you become a more effective marketer in your company (or the company that employs you), but it will give you a distinguishable advantage over candidates vying for your current or future position. It also benefits the company to have professionals employed in their company who know how to present the company in the best light that will generate the most business for the company. Any employee who can master this task is assuredly an asset that the company deems valuable.


Have you even considered the development of your emotional intelligence? Yes, it can! By practicing writing and developing your storytelling skills, you will become more empathetic with how others (e.g., clients, external partners, etc.) feel, thus being able to cater to their needs. This, in itself, is an asset to any company! How can you capture their attention? How can you make them stop and think? Once you figure this out, you will be able to ask for certain levels of sponsorships or donations to your company or public support of your brand, etc., and watch their support grow quickly! You reached those heartstrings!


In essence, writing is a significant skill for professionals to have regardless of their fields. Developing effective writing skills will not only help you improve your communication skills, but it will increase creativity, improve critical thinking skills, develop research skills, improve time management, increase self-confidence, improve marketing skills and improve emotional intelligence.