Do You Know How Much You're Loved?

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Morning Thoughts! Do you know how much you're loved by God?

You know, if you ever wondered how much God loves you, then think about the love you have for your children. Think about the fact that, you wouldn’t know a fraction of the love God has for you, if you didn’t love your children. Most parents would give their lives to save their kids and that’s an indescribable love. The only way we could truly describe how much we love our kids is to cry. There is no word to describe the depth.

We experience hurt and disappointment all the time, that’s life, but there is a different hurt and disappointment when it’s from your children. Not just from people you love, but those that you conceived, carried, birthed and have raised, the very best you can. Those people you have sacrificed for and given your last for. Those people you call your kids. The tears cried and the heart snatch you feel from them will momentarily cause you to rethink life and if you really want to live it with them anymore.

We all get mad, things happen all the time, but your kids can turn you into Freddy, Jason or Michael. They will cause you, at times, to sit down and make a whole plan on how to take them out, hide them and then report them missing as runaways. At times you try to build up enough strength to literally knock their heads off. My mama used to get mad and her eyes would turn red and she would throw plates. I didn’t understand then, but I’m on the other side now… Her side… The Mama side. You don’t really know mad, until one of your kids try you.

You don’t know proud until your children start making accomplishments. First they call you Mama/Dada, they start walking, the first time they run to you on their own, or that first slobber filled baby kiss. They draw you that first picture, they go to school the first day and tell you not to hold their hand, their fine.. (?).. like really!?!?!? You holding my hand ain’t for you, I need you to hold my hand for me. Ugh!!!! Can’t stand these little walking attitudes. (Woosah).

You don’t really care about prison when you need to defend your children. You do what you need to do and worry about the consequences later. It doesn’t matter how mad they made you, when you need to step in nothing can keep you out. Even at the risk of your own life.

Nonetheless, you don’t really know love until you have loved your kid.

So consider this, We are the same to God. We disappoint Him, we make Him mad, and we make Him proud. He handles us like a good father would. We don’t feel the physical spanking, but our punishment is felt. God allows us to go through things as a result of Him teaching us a lesson. We have to go to time out, we get the spiritual whoopins, we hear the disappointing answer of no. God gives us things we pray for and some we don’t, to reward us for obedience. God protects us from things that could hurt us. Some things we have to go through to learn and grow, but it’s all to pull us closer to Him.

He has given us so many ways to show us how much he loves us, but the greatest of them all, was when He gave HIS son to die for US! Us who don’t deserve any of his love and kindness. A Father who forgives children when they acknowledge what they did and sincerely ask for forgiveness. When we change our ways and live the way He taught us to live. Return home after being a prodigal.

We love our children, but God loves us more. He is an amazing and loving Dad.

Have an amazing day!

Toya7 2 yrs

Yes!! God is so good!