Ernest L. Manning Jr. is a remarkable individual, a cyber-security professional and the CEO/Owner of WEKINFOLK, a social media platform dedicated to sharing news and life moments with like-minded individuals. His achievements in his industry have made him a pacesetter with amazing contributions. A Certified Splunk Administrator and Power User, Manning’s background with an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology, coupled with 18 years’ worth of experience have enabled him build a successful career. The journey taken by Manning started many years ago and has worked with renowned corporations such as the FBI, NASA, HomeLand Security and the Department of State. Serving in his executive capacity, Manning has consulted with industry professionals, and traveled extensively, granting him a sophisticated and nuanced perspective that elevates his current work, enabling him to match clients with the lifestyle they require.With deep industry knowledge, coupled with an analytical, detail-oriented approach, Manning is equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning technologies, delivering an experience rooted in service, integrity and expertise. Serving as both administrator and marketing executive, Manning runs his social media platform with commitment and dedication. When he takes on a task, Manning always commits his mind and efforts to giving his very best; never allowing the opinions of other people to distract him from achieving what he has set his mind to do. Through the provisions of his media platform, users can post photos, watch videos and play games among other networking and social activities. Users can also gain access to a wide variety of topics and articles that will leave them both entertained and informed. An Air Force Retired Master Sergeant; Manning learned the skills in leadership, teamwork and organization unique to the armed forces and brings them to bear in his cyber-security career to serve clients. His strong IT, technical aptitude and problem solving skills make him a keen advocate for clients, proactively seeking out new opportunities to enhance his services and continually attain excellence, with client satisfaction the ultimate objective.Motivated by the desire to become a global expert in his field, Manning has a unique ability to build and maintain excellent working relationships, an attribute that has contributed greatly to his success. He uses effective and efficient communication skills, attention to detail, time management and organization, always bringing his best self to the task with a positive attitude and a smile in order to get things done. On the off chance that he is not working, Manning loves spending time with his family and friends, listening to music and finds engaging in self-developing activities like playing Basketball, Football, and Boxing most fulfilling. Anchored upon his critical thinking, curious spirit and problem solving skills, Manning also loves playing poker, Mineralogy, Prospecting and Diamond Hunting. Leveraging the wisdom of his personal and professional skills, Manning believes that people are the root and foundation of our communities; to build strong communities, we must fortify the root! This is Manning’s motivation towards using his platform to help those whose lives would be enriched by it.